Intuitive Tarot Readings

by Pat Whitbourn – International Tarot Reader 

What is Tarot Reading About?

I have been a Tarot reader for over 28 years now and I often get asked this, it’s natural to be curious about how it works. I’ve put together the questions I get asked most below to help you understand more about tarot reading and how I work.

What do you need to tell me before we start?

Nothing at all! This is because I like to be guided intuitively with what you need to hear as opposed to what you may want to hear. Often clients come with a specific question in mind, but if your guides feel there is something more important that you need to know they will focus on this first and foremost.

How does the reading start?

This differs from reader to reader. How I work is I’ll ask you to shuffle the deck of cards as we get settled into the energy. I won’t ask you what you want to focus on as I’ll be guided intuitively by what needs to come through in the reading. 

Who is Tarot reading for?

It’s suitable for everyone. I have clients who’ve been coming for years and they pop in when they want a bit of spiritual maintenance or guidance. My newer clients tend to come either on a recommendation or because something has happened in their lives that they are seeking guidance or reassurance on. 

Privacy and confidentiality

Our sessions are of course completely private and confidential. I won’t discuss what is said with anyone else. My clients tend to unburden themselves and talk about very personal things and it’s important to know that I hold this in strict confidence.

What happens during the reading?

Once you’ve pulled out 11 cards and I have laid them out in the spread I’ll start talking. Each card position is representative of a time or a stage in your life, I normally only work 1 year to 18 months ahead. I talk very quickly as the information that I need to get over to you appears like a ticker tape across my mind. This often means that I don’t look directly at you for parts of the reading as I’m trying to catch the information before it’s gone.

How do clients feel after a reading?

My clients leave with a sense of reassurance along with feeling lighter and brighter. They feel more motivated, focussed and leave with a clearer understanding of their path ahead. They often say the reading is like a good counselling session!

My name is Pat, I’m a wife, mum and a nanny, for years I’ve worked in Financial Services and I think all of these things help me be a very grounded reader. 

Let me tell you the story of how it all started …

When I was 19 years old I went to have my own cards read. Amongst other things, the tarot reader said to me that I’d be doing this in the future. Being 19 and focused almost exclusively on having fun, I quickly dismissed the idea. 

My best friend

When I was 26 years old my best friend died suddenly and unexpectedly, I had only been with her 3 hours beforehand.
I was absolutely devastated and this had such a major impact on my life. I truly believe that the shock of this tragic event unlocked my gift.
After she died I thought I was going mad – I kept feeling things and having strange experiences where I felt she was around me.

About 3 weeks after her funeral I kept getting an overwhelming urge to go to a spiritualist church so I went along and explained to the woman who greeted me that I had no idea why I was there but the need to come to the church was overwhelming. She seemed to understand completely and told me that I had walked in with a young lady by my side who had recently died tragically and would be with me always. I felt that this really was the unlocking of my gift. She has since been my guiding light along with my much-loved Dad.

Tarot cards

Although I was fascinated by tarot, I had no intention of doing tarot but I was guided to buy a tarot deck one day. It’s the same deck I use today! And it’s a very unusual deck. I’d gone back to see the same reader who had told me at 19 that this is what I’d be doing. She told me that I had someone with me that would help me to work with the cards. That I needed to go with it. Stop blocking the messages that were coming in, I had been rationalising the thoughts that had been popping into my head.

Over a period of time and practising on my friends and family, they would tell me certain things I said had happened!


I now confidently talk about how I am Clairsentient which means that when I am doing a reading I feel the spirits, they make me feel a certain way that relates to the situation and I also can connect with how the client is feeling. I see the messages that need to be relayed to the client (that ticker tape that runs across my mind).

With love

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